Newsletter 05/08/2010


Welcome to Diamond Way Buddhist Trust NZ Information Service
Newsletter #4/2010

  1. September: Rob Sok
  2. November: Julianne Ferenczy
  3. Glentui: Saturday barbecue
  4. Wellington: Introduction to Buddhism
  5. Buddhist Council
  6. In The Press, again
  7. OMPHs
  8. Meditracker

+ Glentui Highlights and Greener Glentui?

1.September: Rob Sok

We would like to invite you to lectures in Wellington and Christchurch by traveling teacher Rob Sok from Canberra/AU.

Wellington, Powa Centre (see more details)
Friday 24th of September:
7pm-8pm - Meet the Teacher + Introduction to Buddhism
Saturday 25th of September:
1pm - Lecture: Buddhism
2pm - Questions and Answers
3pm - Meditation

Friday session is $10 suggested donation, any or all Saturday sessions are $20 suggested donation.

Christchurch, Buddhist Centre (see more details)
Saturday 25th of September:
Everyone invited to meet the teacher and share a glass of wine after 8:30pm.
Sunday 26th of September:
10am-12pm - Meditation session (free)
3pm-5pm - Lecture: History of Buddhism ($20)
6pm - Dinner: our renown chefs cook again ($10, RSVP please)
7pm-9pm - Lecture: Buddhism in Everyday Life ($20)

2. November: Julianne Ferenczy

Julianne Ferenczy, traveling teacher from Germany, is coming to New Zealand in November:
24-25 November - Wellington
26-28 November - Christchurch
More information will be available in the next newsletter.

3. Glentui: Saturday barbecue

"We would like to invite you for the barbeque at our retreat place in Glentui. Barbecue will start on the Saturday 28th at about 2pm. Forecast is promising at the moment. We are going in the morning to work on the retreat hut, you can join us if you like.

It takes one hour to get there from Christchurch. If you need a lift let us know. Please bring your own drinks and food, friends and families are welcome."

For map and more information see Glentui Retreat.

4. Wellington: Introduction to Buddhism

"Next Introduction to Buddhism will be on 6th September. We have decided to repeat this event on every first Monday of the month for those who are not familiar with Buddhism and meditation.

It's designed as an extended version of the questions we explore on our regular meditation evenings. The talk will take around 30 minutes, and will be followed by a guided meditation. This event is free to attend."

5. Buddhist Council

Diamond Way Buddhism NZ has joined the NZ Buddhist Council on 25th of August. We have updated the Trust Information page to reflect this.

By statute, the Council will engage with government when their policies will affect Buddhist communities, represent Buddhist perspectives on public forums as well as liaise with other communities.

6. In The Press, again

The next article about Diamond Way Buddhism, Power to Decide,  has been published in The Press on 8th July. We have a transcript available.

7. OMPHs

It's already old news, but still worth highlighting. We have finished collecting Om Mani Peme Hung mantras (nicknamed "OMPH" in the process) for New Zealand, totaling 1,053,540. Thank you!

8. Meditracker

Our European sangha has released another iPhone app, this time for counting the total number of mantra repetitions. It comes with Ngondro preinstalled, but you can also configure your own practices.

Very nifty, indeed :) You can get it from DWB Apps website.

Glentui Highlights

Thanks to our friends in Christchurch, the construction has commenced.

The piles are already in the ground, firmly held in place by very motivated concrete (because it has been mixed with the right motivation). The evenness of the building is almost of German quality, delivered by our great carpenter heroes, and there is even a verandah in the making.

We are sharing our experiences on the Glentui Retreat Centre Blog, so check regularly for updates on sawing, nailing, groundworks and gardening action (RSS coming soon). The hut should be there before the New Year's course, so first retreating yogis will be welcome around this period.

Greener Glentui?

We are planning yet another way of becoming a part of Glentui Retreat.

Over the next year we want to plant a shelter belt along the eastern border and a forest at the bottom of the retreat, and you will be able to donate a tree.

We will gladly plant it for you and, what the heck, you can even name it if you want. And what with all the carbon offsetting that's happening now... You will hear back from the Glentui Team soon!