Newsletter 07/03/2011


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Newsletter #2/2011

1. Earthquake in Christchurch
2. Kiwitour 2011 - Lama Ole in NZ
+ Glentui Highlights

1. Earthquake in Christchurch

Lama Ole has requested the list of names of the earthquake victims and will do the Phowa, and many of you are sending wishes and offering help. We would like to let you know that we appreciate everything you do, even a single "Om mani peme hung" mantra!

Life in the city has been seriously disrupted, but it's very inspiring to see how people get together and help each other. There is an army of 29,000 students cleaning up the streets. Groups of people are knocking on the houses checking if everyone is fine. Farmers arrived in force with their machines. Across the country, companies and individuals are offering free services to Christchurch people, providing accomodation and donating money.

The sangha in Christchurch is holding the ground, with evening meditation sessions still on schedule, and the daylight hours dedicated to helping out in the area. Crockery is gone in the centre, but the house is a very safe place. A lesson in impermanence for us: meditation by candlelight, cold showers and long queues for gas so we can make hot tea and a warm meal.

1. Kiwitour 2011 - Lama Ole in NZ

Lama Ole and some travelers have already expressed the wish to come to Christchurch, go out and help, and we will be honoured to have you all here. We are so glad to see you all so soon!

Meanwhile, 2 places have become available for the Kiwitour via Kaikoura and Glentui, so if you are a sangha member and would still like to join, let us know at [email protected] until Tuesday noon. Also, the public lecture has been moved from the off-limits Art Gallery to our gompa.

28 March, 8pm - Auckland - public lecture, Leys Institute, 20 St Mary’s Rd
29 March, 7.30pm - Wellington - public lecture, Powa Centre, 1 Marion St, 1st floor
30-31 March - Kiwitour (through Kaikoura and Glentui)
1-2 April - Christchurch - "Meditation, Buddhism in the West and the Lineage" course, DWB Centre, 220 England St

The up-to-date information is always available on the tour: website.

Glentui Highlights

No news from Glentui this time, as all our time is dedicated to Christchurch.

See you in the next release!
-- Kiwisangha