Newsletter 12/06/2012


Welcome to the Diamond Way Buddhist Trust NZ Information Service
Newsletter #3/2012

1. Buddhist teacher Jonathan Bradley in NZ
2. Diamond Way Buddhist Centre opens in Wellington
3. Meeting with the New Zealand Buddhist Council

1. Buddhist teacher Jonathan Bradley in NZ

Auckland - Ponsonby Library Building, 21 St Mary's Bay Road, Ponsonby
Friday 15 June
7:30pm Intro to Buddhism: "Path to Happiness"
Saturday 16 June
7pm Lecture: "Meditation: Taming The Mind"
Each lecture is $15/$12 (hardship rates available on request)

Wellington - DWB Centre Wellington, Level 2, 276 Cuba St, Wellington
Tuesday 19 June
7pm Inauguration - "Buddhism in the modern world"
Wednesday 20 June
7pm Lecture: "The foundation of the buddhist practice"
Thursday 21 June
7pm Lecture: "The way of identification"
Each lecture is $15/$12, tickets available at the door - we would be grateful for cash!
Enquiries: Mateusz, 022 0107108

Christchurch - DWB Centre Christchurch, 220 England St, Nth Linwood
Friday 22 June
7:30 pm Lecture - "Introduction to Diamond Way Buddhism"
Saturday 23rd June
7:30 pm Lecture - "Meditation - Guru Yoga"
Sunday 24th June
7:30 pm Lecture - "Meaning of the Sangha"
Monday 25th June
7:30 pm Lecture - "Buddha and Love"
Lecture prices: adult $15, concession $12
Enquiries: Niki, 381 3108 / 021 1486686

2. Diamond Way Buddhist Centre opens in Wellington

The Diamond Way Buddhist Centre of Wellington will celebrate its grand opening with a lecture at 7:00pm on 19 June 2012. The lecture—titled, "Buddhism in the Modern
World"—will be given by Buddhist teacher Jonathan Bradley during his international tour.

Our new schedule:
Monday 6:30pm - public meditation session
Thursday 6:30pm - public meditation session
First Monday of the month, 6:30pm - introduction to Buddhism

Our new location:
Level 2, 276 Cuba St
Entrance from Inner City Bypass road
Above Martha's Pantry

3. Meeting with the New Zealand Buddhist Council

On Sunday 2nd June 2012, Christchurch Diamond Way Buddhist Centre accepted the invitation from the New Zealand Buddhist Council (NZBC) to attend an inter-traditional meeting hosted by the Wat Buddha Samakhee Thai Buddist group.

The main aim of the meeting was for the different Buddhist traditions in Christchurch to get to know each other better so we can enjoy each other’s company, and work together on issues of concern and care for the wider community.

We were joined by Buddhists practicing Tibetan Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Sri Lankan and Korean schools as well as some private practitioners. We all enjoyed this opportunity immensely and look forward to our next meeting.