Newsletter 13/11/2010


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Newsletter #5/2010

  1. Glentui - donate a tree
  2. In November: Julianne Ferenczy
  3. In December: New Year's Course (NYC) in Kaikoura
  4. Diamond Way in the press
  5. Message from 17th Karmapa
  6. European connection: Czech your mind

+ Glentui Highlights

1. Glentui - donate a tree

Our retreat is growing nicely, and now you can grow it with us: donate a $40 tree and keep Glentui going. Donate two, and make it grow even faster :) We have a little gift for your contribution.

Read all about it on our Glentui website or ask at [email protected].

2. In November: Julianne Ferenczy

We would like to invite you to lectures in Wellington and Christchurch by traveling teacher Julianne Ferenczy from Hamburg/Germany.

Wellington, Powa Centre (see more details)
Wednesday, 24th November
7pm - "Buddhist Meditation" (lecture + meditation)
Thursday, 25th November
7:45pm - "Love and Partnership" (lecture + meditation)
Both events are $15 suggested donation.

Christchurch, Buddhist Centre (see more details)
Friday, 27th November
6pm - "Meet the teacher" dinner
8pm-10pm - "Buddhist Practice in Daily Life" (lecture + meditation)
Saturday, 28th November
3pm-5pm - "Preliminary practice - Ngondro basics" (lecture)
6pm - dinner
7pm-9pm - "Meaning of Sangha" (lecture + meditation)
Sunday, 29th November
11am - meditation session
Lectures are $20 each, or all for $50. Dinners are $10 each. Sunday meditation session is free.

3. In December: New Year's Course (NYC) in Kaikoura

The teacher for NYC this year will be Stuart Jarvis from Australia and the course will take place in the beautiful beach house in Kaikoura. There will be plenty of time for meditation and high concentration of Dharma teachings.

The NYC starts at 8pm on December 28th with a lecture, and continues through to 31th of December - ending with a New Year's party. The discounted price for the full course is $160 (acommodation + lectures).

More detailed information and schedule are available on the website. 

4. Diamond Way in the press

"Watching our minds" by Niki Jimenez has been published in Lifestyle section of The Press. Article is available online.

5. Message from 17th Karmapa

"Dearest friends and students,

I very much appreciate that you have completed the one million OM MANI PE ME HUNG Mantras I have asked you to repeat at the beginning of this year in your group or center. It will benefit all of us. I know that you have already many responsibilities and it is very time consuming, so with all my heart I send you my gratitude.

17th Karmapa Thaye Dorje"

6. European connection: Czech your mind

Probably not many of us will be anywhere near Prague this year, but you can still "czech" out this beautiful video invitation created by Prague sangha. "What can you do with a bunch of enthusiastic friends at 6AM after a one-day rehearsal? Have a look! :)"

Glentui Highlights

Since the last newsletter the hut has grown out of the earth and is now a wooden skeleton. It seems small when looking at the numbers: 2.8 x 3.5 m, but in fact it will be able to accomodate two double beds upstairs and essential amenities for heating and cooking downstairs. It's actually quite spacious when you stand inside.

Meanwhile we have been facing the complicated challenge of choosing the hut colours. Some people like natural corrugated iron color, some others like red, and yet others green plus there can be a separate colour for the roof, walls, windows, door and the deck. Hopefully we will not end up with walls in "army camo" and pink roof!

We have planted some of the Mahakala Forest on the roadside, but some of the trees did not survive the clash with the environment. More seedlings are being grown in what has come to be probably the smallest nursery in the neighbourhood, located next to the gompa door so we don't forget to water everything regularly.

See you next time!
-- NZ sangha