Newsletter 16/01/2011


Welcome to the Diamond Way Buddhist Trust NZ Information Service
Newsletter #1/2011

First of all, a happy New Year to all of you! We now have twice as many subscribers as a year ago, meaning we are doing something useful here. If you feel like this newsletter should go in a specific direction (more news from the world sangha? more local news?) let us know at [email protected]. And meanwhile - look forward to a year full of great events!
-- Newsletter team

1. Kiwitour 2011 - early bird bookings
2. Lama 24h - movie trailer
3. Lama on Tour
4. "A Different Kind of Richness"
+ Glentui Highlights

1. Kiwitour 2011 - early bird bookings

Lama Ole Nydahl will be giving public talks for the first time in three cities in New Zealand. The schedule is as follows:

Auckland, 28 March - public lecture
Wellington, 29 March - public lecture
Christchurch, 1-2 April - public lecture and a course

Sangha will be traveling with Lama Ole through New Zealand on a bus, ferry, and the train, visiting Kaikoura, and diving into the ocean to swim with the dolphins. Early bird entries are available until 31 January and there is currently 13 swimming seats on the dolphin tour left.

If you are a sangha member you should have already received the link to the booking form. Otherwise please contact us at [email protected] .

If you wish to attend the course in Christchurch, early bird booking is also available until 31 January.

2. Lama 24h - movie trailer

The Movie Team follows Lama Ole everywhere and they have put some shots together to show what they are working on. It's truly inspiring!

You will probably have a chance to meet the movie crew on the Kiwitour. They also asked for financial support for the project.

3. Lama on Tour

We are quite often asked for inspiring photos of our Lama and the sangha. We actually have a photostream on Flickr delivering exactly that: beautiful photos from all around the world.

Another good place to get the information about Lama is on his twitter feed.

Last but not least, Lama Ole is currently on the Winter Tour, traveling through Russia on the Transsib - we have a dedicated micro-site for this event.

4. "A Different Kind of Richness"

In the new article for The Press, Manfred Ingerfeld writes about a treasure hidden under the floor of your house (but don't tear the floor apart just yet). The article was printed on 09/12/2010 and is available in our online repository.

Glentui Highlights

We are learning from our friends in Europe, and now have a presentation for Glentui. If you watch it you will get a glimpse of the atmosphere up there.

The last construction push before the Christmas gave us a roof. Unfortunately in this country rain falls horizontally (because of the wind) so it wouldn't shelter anyone just yet :) There is also one wall in place - the large front door made it necessary to reinforce the structure with plywood (you can see it on this video). Other walls will be covered with corrugated iron straight away. Windows and doors are also waiting for their turn and keen hands in the shed in Christchurch.

The plants in the Mahakala Forest are sitting in the ground, but require a lot of care. Canterbury is a dry region where most of the water comes from artesian supplies. We have to go there every now and then and water everything. We also learned the wind has a very strong impact on how well our seedlings are doing. Plants that sit in the lower terrain sheltered from the elements are now twice as big, while the others tend to die off more easily and need to be replanted.

That's why this project needs continued support :)

See you in the next release!
-- Kiwisangha