Newsletter 17/04/2011


Welcome to the Diamond Way Buddhist Trust NZ Information Service
Newsletter #3/2011

1. Kiwitour 2011 summary
2. Easter course with Klaus Kaltenbrunner
+ Glentui Highlights

1. Kiwitour 2011 summary

Lama Ole Nydahl tour through New Zealand may just have ended, but it still reverberates strongly in our sanghas. Lama and 40 travelers from around the world brought a fresh view and inspiration to our centres.

We visited Auckland and Wellington for public lectures. We ferried ourselves through the sounds (plenty of dolphins on the way), and went up to Kaikoura where we had a barbecue together. Next day we got out on a small ship to swim with the dolphins and we found them almost immediately and in great numbers. We visited Glentui to show the progress on our land development - the new hut. Finally we arrived in Christchurch, where everyone could have a look around, join lectures, meditate, eat and talk with friends for two days.

We had a great time and it was certainly nice to see you all! We hope you all come back again next year. Some great pictures are available via Lama's official Flickr photostream.

2. Easter course with Klaus Kaltenbrunner

We are happy to announce the Easter course with our traveling teacher Klaus Kaltenbrunner from Austria. Klaus is a student of Lama Ole Nydahl and experienced meditator, so if you have any questions after the recent lectures this will be a great opportunity to ask them.

The courses will take place in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland. Check out below for more information - and see you soon!

Christchurch (more information)

Sunday, 17 April
4:30pm - Ngondro session (free)
6:30pm - dinner ($10)
7:30pm - movie (free with dinner)

Monday, 18 April
7:30pm - meditation session (free)

Tuesday, 19 April
6pm - dinner ($10)
7:30pm - lecture "Fearlessness, Joy, Compassion: the signs of realization" ($10)
After the lecture: meditation session.

All amounts are suggested donations.

Wellington (more information)

Wednesday, 20 April
7:30pm - lecture: "Suffering and happiness"
Followed by a meditation session

Thursday, 21 April
7:30pm - lecture: "Disturbing emotions"
Followed by a meditation session

Friday, 22 April
7:30pm - lecture: "Meditation"
Followed by a meditation session

Saturday, 23 April
7:30pm - lecture: "How to develop quickly"
Followed by a meditation session

Each lecture+meditation session in Wellington is $18/$13 (waged/unwaged) suggested donation.

Auckland (more information)

Sunday, 24 April
5pm - 7pm - lecture followed by meditation session ($10)

Monday, 25 April
11am - 1pm - lecture followed by meditation session ($10)

All amounts are suggested donations.

Glentui Highlights

Lama and travelers have just visited Glentui, and the verdict is: the place is beautiful! Thanks to the titanic efforts of our friends from the Christchurch sangha, the hut is up and can host up to 30 people (but forget about comfort) - we have tested this experimentally.

Lama Ole has blessed the hut, and gave it a name of "Dechen Ling", so it can now function as Diamond Way Buddhist retreat centre! We have a feeling this hut will be a great place to meditate - and there are already some yogis lined up for retreats later in the year. Next steps for the hut: windows, doors and the woodstove. And further on? Maybe more huts!

Thank you for all your support!

Glentui newsletter

Meanwhile we will be starting a new newsletter dedicated to Glentui, with smaller but more frequent updates. If you would like to follow the developments more closely, let us know and we will sign you up!

See you in the next release!
-- Kiwisangha