Newsletter 17/10/2011


Welcome to the Diamond Way Buddhist Trust NZ Information Service
Newsletter #5/2011

1. Denes Andras - Diamond Way Buddist teacher
2. Kiwitour 2012 coming soon
+ Glentui Highlights

1. Denes Andras - Diamond Way Buddhist teacher

Denes was born in 1969 in Budapest and has lived a rich and challenging life. He met Buddhism in 1997 and has since concentrated most of his energies in this direction; living in the Budapest Buddhist Center from 2001 and teaching since 2005 when Lama Ole Nydahl asked him to do this activity.

If you think that the meditation you have learned in our centres is a practical method of developing human qualities, it's worth to meet Denes to see the long term results of Diamond Way practice.

If you are new to Buddhism this is a great opportunity to see what we have to offer and to check if the methods and results suit you. Guided meditation will follow after the lectures.

Our setting is informal and questions are welcome. Wear something comfortable, so you can feel at home. We usually sit on meditation cushions, but there are chairs available should you want one. Ask for our Buddhist library too!


Sangha only event. Email [email protected] .

Wellington (more information)

Thursday, 20 Oct, 7:30pm
Public lecture "The Preliminary Practices" - basics, questions and answers

Friday, 21 Oct, 7:30pm
Public lecture "Living and working as Buddhists" - beginners still welcome!

Price: Lectures are $20 (students - $15) suggested donation.

Christchurch (more information)

Saturday 22 Oct
10am - Glentui Retreat day
7pm - Dinner
8pm - Lecture: "Working Together as Sangha"

Sunday 23 Oct
4pm - Meditation session
6.30pm - Dinner
8pm - Lecture: "All about Ngondro"

Monday 24 Oct
4pm - Questions and Answers, followed by Meditation session
6.30pm - Dinner
7pm - Lecture: "Connecting with the Lama"

Price: $15 per lecture, $10 per meal suggested donation.
Dinner: A meal will be available each night at 6.30pm. Please let us know if you would like to eat with us. We have great chefs lined up.

2. Kiwitour 2012 coming soon

As some of you might know from the Lama Ole Nydahl's Travel Plan already, Lama will tour New Zealand in March 2012. A public lecture will be held in Auckland, and Wellington will have a honour of hosting Marpa Course (2.5 days of intense teachings in a single location).

We will release more specific information in November.

Glentui Highlights

Welcome to spring! We now have the attic, woolen insulation, and the hut is enclosed. Little tree seedlings have survived the winter and now are being planted as a shelter belt to the right.

We had couple of rainbows coming through, snow, wind and rain - as well as scores of fearless Kagyus with shovels and picks.

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