Newsletter 30/05/2011


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Newsletter #4/2011

1. Karol Ślęczek, meditator, philosopher, Buddhist teacher
2. Libraries
3. Statue filling course
+ Glentui Highlights

1. Karol Ślęczek, meditator, philosopher, Buddhist teacher

Here we are again with another excellent opportunity to meet a great Buddhist teacher!

Karol Ślęczek will tour New Zealand in mid June to share his experience and knowledge with us. He has been meditating for over 30 years, of which 20 he has been a teacher as well. He will be here over the period of 10 days, stuffed with lectures and meditation sessions in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Pick a day that suits you and come around to receive your monthly dose of inspiration.

Auckland (more information)

Wednesday, 15 June, 7pm
Sangha program in Henderson, to attend ring Voytek on mob.0211555095
Thursday, 16 June, 7pm
Public lecture: "Buddhism - the science of happiness"
at Blockhouse Bay Community Centre, 524 Blockhouse Bay Rd
Friday, 17 June, 7pm
Public lecture: "Meditation"
at Ponsonby Community Hall, 24 Ponsonby Tce, $12/10 donation
Saturday, 18 June, 9am
Sangha program in Henderson, to attend ring Voytek on mob.0211555095

Lectures are $12/$10 (waged/unwaged) eachh

Wellington (more information)

Saturday, 18 June
7:30pm - public lecture: "Buddhism in a nutshell"
Sunday, 19 June
11am - sangha day
7:30pm - public lecture: "Buddhist Refuge"
Monday, 20 June
7:30pm - public lecture: "Death and rebirth"
Tuesday, 21 June
Sangha evening

Each lecture is followed by a guided meditation. One lecture+meditation is $18/$15/$13 (waged/members/unwaged). For more information call 0220107108.

Christchurch (more information)

Wednesday, 22 June
7:30pm - public lecture: "Buddhism 101"
Thursday, 23 June
7:30pm - public lecture: "Sangha - our friends on the way"
Friday, 24 June
7:30pm - public lecture: "Meditation - basics"
Saturday, 25 June
9:30am - car pool for work day in Glentui retreat
7:30pm - public lecture: "Meditation - a deeper understanding"
Sunday, 26 June
7:30pm - public lecture: "The Lama"

Lectures are $15 each. Each lecture will be followed by a meditation.
6:30pm each day a meal will be available ($10). Please let us know if you would like to eat with us - we have some great chefs lined up!

Enquiries: 021 1486686  /  03 3818108

All amounts are suggested donations.

2. Libraries

Our librarians would like to remind the wide world that our centres and groups have access to Lama Ole Nydahl books. A membership in your local sangha usually gives you access to these. On top of that, Christchurch centre library stocks a lot of other interesting books, including some new ones:

  • Dzalendara & Sakarchupa - Stories from long, long ago of the former lives of the Gyalwa Karmapa
: 16th Karmapa
  • The Life & Teachings of Naropa: Herbert V. Guenther
  • The Essential Chogyam Trungpa
  • Sky Dancer- the Life of Yeshe Tsogyal: Keith Dowman
  • Legend of the Great Stupa: Keith Dowman

3. Statue filling course

A small reminder about the statue filling course with Hannah Reimer that will take place September - October in Christchurch. If you ever wanted to have a Buddhist statue, this is a perfect time to get it. This course requires earlier preparation, so Michelle Corby will be visiting us between 28 June - 6 July to help us with this.

Glentui Highlights

The team works on the cladding

The development in and around Glentui restarted rapidly. We have made scores of farmers happy with a sausage sizzle fundraiser and finished the cladding. Couple of weekends ago we had 7 people working in Glentui, the retreat was buzzing with activity! We are looking forward to winter! :)

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See you in the next release!
-- Kiwisangha