Buddhist meditation

Meditation is a tool for working with mind and how it works depends on what you wish to achieve. Buddhist meditation has only one purpose: to recognize the nature of mind.

By meditating every day you train your mind to not follow the thoughts and feelings that ceaselessly come and go. In this way you calm your mind, and may start to use more advanced practices. This form of meditation is very powerful and results in quick development.

I have shown you the methods that lead to liberation, but you must know that liberation depends upon yourselves.

-- Buddha

Daily meditation is about developing a good habit: just as naturally as you take a shower to keep your body clean, you meditate to keep your mind clear and attentive. Through daily meditation sessions you gain greater freedom to act beneficially in life’s various situations, enabling you to choose the roles in the comedies of life and avoid its tragedies.

In the long run Buddhist meditation fundamentally alters the way of experiencing yourself and the world. Therefore it is important to have a teacher who will guide you. Diamond Way meditation cannot be learned purely from a book or an MP3.

Guided meditation practice

Learning to meditate is a process that includes acquiring knowledge about mind, practising the meditation, and maintaining the view in everyday life.

Diamond Way Buddhism centres and groups offer evenings of guided meditation open to the public where you are welcome to participate.

Meditation is not a goal in itself but a tool for development. Therefore meditation is seldom taught on its own. You can learn more about it on the lectures held at Diamond Way Buddhist centers and on the courses with lamas and traveling teachers.

Learn to meditate

If you would like to learn more about Buddhist meditation, please come to a free guided meditation session at your local centre.  Everything you need to start learning to meditate is provided for use at our centres, all you need to bring is comfortable clothes for sitting and an open mind. 



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